Saachi Automatic Espresso Machine-7062

  • 2,950.00
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Bored of plain old coffee? Looking for a little more variety? You got it! The new Saachi coffee maker NL-COF-7062 can make many different styles of coffee including espresso, cappuccino, and many others. The steam nozzle allows you complete control over the amount of froth you desire in your coffee. The keep-warm tray on top of the appliance allows you to keep a cup of coffee warm while you prepare to make another one, handy when entertaining guests.

Technical specifications;

  • Automatic steam pressure pump: 20 bar.
  • Maximum die-casting aluminum alloy boiler capacity: 200ml with optimal brewing temperature: Water is heated to the perfect brewing temperature for ideal flavor results.
  • steam pressure valve.
  • Can make varieties of coffee like Espresso, Cappuccino, etc.
  • With swivel steam jet to froth up to milk * For Cappuccino and Cafe latte * To heat up beverages.
  • Transparent, removable 1.5L water tank.
  • Dual stainless steel filter.
  • Removable drip-tray that makes it easy and convenient to clean.
  • Overheating and overpressure protection device.
  • Powerful motor with thermostat.
  •  2 cups dual-stainless steel filter.
  • Resting cup plate with additional warming function.
  • Turns off automatically if not used for 25 minutes.
  • 220-240V; 50-60Hz; 850W
  • CB Standard, BS Plug
  • 1 year guarantee